by Jesse Gimbel

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Produced by Jesse Gimbel.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Jesse Gimbel's Basement (

Released on Wissahickon Records (


released October 21, 2014

All songs by Jesse Gimbel.
All guitar, bass, drums, keys, strings, and field recordings by Jesse Gimbel.
Recording, mixing, mastering - Jesse Gimbel


all rights reserved



Jesse Gimbel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jesse Gimbel is a multi-instrumentalist working in the Philadelphia area. From the performing of guitar, bass, drums, piano, dulcimer, and a variety of other unusual instruments, to each step of the recording process from beginning to end, Jesse is self-taught, wearing all the hats of making a record. ... more


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Track Name: Lifeslonging
I have fallen so deep and I have felt so far from love
She was my strength so I let her go

The things that she wanted weren't the things that I needed
Decided to have strength on my own

I've never felt so sure
I've never felt so
I've never felt so lost and felt so safe at the same time
Track Name: Move or Move On
Every girl that I've ever thought of wedding has been wedded down this year
I'm thankful every day that I don't have to regret it like everyone I know

Every ear that I've ever tried to sing to closes off when you don't make it dance
But the few I've found who listen stick around slightly longer, before they want to move
Saying "make me move"

You look like you've been broken for a thousand years - maybe better we pack it in
They say that you can't stay friends with the ones you've loved
Track Name: Stir Crazy
She's left no light on for me
I never knew, I never knew
I'll live with this rock in my shoe
It's always there - a reminder
How you burned your bridges so thorough

My burden, my chain
My shadow in my veins
It's always the same

Hidden in her bedroom, in a drawer
Is a ticket for a plane
Like trying to run from the sting of a wasp
It's always there - her downfall
It follows

Her burden, her chain
Her shadow in her veins
It's always the same
Track Name: Decathect
Keeping underground, I've been learning from the foxes
On a new set of reflexes I'll rely
Gone from being served my organs on your wedding present china
To spilling out my guts onto the stage
You'll never see me lay down

I'm starting to enjoy
I'm starting to enjoy the feeling of swimming in the water filling up my room
I've poisoned this foundation
I've built it up on angles
I've made this house of cards to fall
I've laid our beds down on gravel and on branches
You'll feel them in your sleep as they grow under you
You'll never see me lay down
Track Name: To Another
Don’t be foolish, you should run from ghosts
I’m just taking advantage of you
Gaining yet another home to haunt for a while, before moving on
To another girl
To another world

Martyr and father bought a sign
Of the Corinthian’s definition of love
Hung it on an empty wall in a dark room
In the back of the house

Now, like a residue, wanting remains
Someone will replace but not fill the shape
Like lighting first fire beneath still-burning hills, what’s not to trust?

When has a heart steered wrong?
Track Name: Don't Get Comfortable
Leaving a trail of the ones who meant something for a little while
Feeling nothing is still feeling something
But none of them have ever seen my house in the daylight
And I have got a history of being the one who got away

Let's go back to your apartment and I'll stay the night
But don't be disappointed when I go

I see where you get your good looks, so I'll go there next
You can count on that
It's a strange love I seek
It's the devil in me
And I'll find it

At least I'm being honest

Let's go back to your apartment and I'll stay the night
But don't be disappointed when I go
Track Name: Peggy Ann Bradnick
An eagle eye with a shattered mind
The mountain man with a rifle in hand
An injury, an apology
A bandage, an exit, a sigh

Dragged her in the woods in the middle of the state
He said "that red dress sticks out like a sore thumb"
She knew exactly who he was

On the highway, the concrete sings
Asphalt's silent, hot metal rings
A halted race by a cattle gate

On the porch of a stranger hit the floor
Tandem shots from a farmboy and from a cop
Rails of birch rise like wisps of smoke
Burnt cabins on the side of the highway
Track Name: Outtro
Don't worry
I won't be getting comfortable here
When I become disposable for you
It won't be my mind made

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