Minds On Fire (Single)

by Jesse Gimbel

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“Minds On Fire” is about the feeling of hearing a song that hits you right in the chest. The deeper I dive into exploring new artists, playing on stage, and seeing live music, the more easily permeated I find myself by amazing music. I often find myself surrounded by “too cool” attitudes that prevent listeners from giving new songs a chance and recognizing the amazing period of music we’re in right now. In an era where being nonchalant is the key to cool, I’m interested in finding the other people who are excited to be able to feel things so strongly.

The video for “Minds On Fire” started as a fun challenge to see if I could come up with a cohesive video based on a group of ideas and locations selected at random by the band and I when we were hanging out. Once we started talking about the idea of track runners, it seemed like a video with a runner where the locations and characters are changing around him would be a less time-consuming project than some of the other music videos I’ve released in the past. Ultimately I found that the song evolves too much from beginning to end to have that simple of a visual, so concept grew and grew. I ended up sinking a few months into designing every piece of the video, from drawing and animating each character and background element to scanning a bevy of handmade marbled and construction papers to give the flat artwork style some depth and texture.

It’s hard to work on a project, even one made initially of random ideas, for a long time without some meaning or your beliefs being imbibed into it. The video uses a passing mention of the way we’re trying to solve problems in this country right now: building walls between people rather than solving the actual issues. At some point during the process of making the video, I had the idea of using another issue that’s been weighing on me - the invasion of spotted lanternflies in Pennsylvania - as an element in the video, and wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness about this. This invasive species has been taking over forests all over the state. I’ve personally seen the effects of beautiful areas I love being overtaken, and as they come closer and closer to Philadelphia, it’s important to recognize what’s coming and do what we can to take action.


I'm always aware of this flaw
Back of the room, stay on the wall
The bodies around are checking out
As I'm standing inches above the ground

In the middle of the night
I can feel it coming

I'm waking up, I can't sit still
I feel vibrations in my bones
City lights, heavy fog
Gravity's shifting like something's aligning
I think something's aligning
Drinking shadows with a straw

I can feel it coming

Our minds are on fire
Veins filled up with embers
Feels like being alive

Sounds feel like colors
Bright reverberations
Feels like being alive

While they're sleeping I'm cutting my teeth
Living a daydream on an uphill sweep
I never knew it could feel like this
Something electric coming up through the floor
The pressure rising - I've felt this wave before
Dark silhouette in an open door

Our minds are on fire
Veins filled up with embers
Feels like being alive

Sounds feel like colors
Bright reverberations
Feels like being alive


released October 15, 2019
All instruments performed by Jesse Gimbel.
Engineered by Jesse Gimbel in Philadelphia, PA.


all rights reserved



Jesse Gimbel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jesse Gimbel is a multi-instrumentalist working in the Philadelphia area. From the performing of guitar, bass, drums, piano, dulcimer, and a variety of other unusual instruments, to each step of the recording process from beginning to end, Jesse is self-taught, wearing all the hats of making a record. ... more

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